[oiibeats 2023] Experts recommend accurate drainage through online platforms

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Many couples choose to "Stagger to the top" to celebrate their upcomin...

Many couples choose to "Stagger to the top" to celebrate their upcoming festivities. From February 11th, consumption sites such as sightseeing, hotels, and gift shopping in the surrounding area. And eating out is getting hotter.

[oiibeats 2023] Experts recommend accurate drainage through online platforms

Gao Chengyuan, founder of Overlook Marketing Consulting, told Securities Daily reporters that the pandemic was concentrated in the romantic economy at the time. Areas focused on “local + surroundings” and “accommodation + gifts” drive of female-centered decision-making and needs adapted to consumption characteristics.

According to Meituan data, in terms of traditional flowers for gifts, as of February 13th, the search volume for 'Valentine's Day flowers' increased by 776% compared to the same period last year, an all-time high

In addition to flowers, this year's holiday gift exchange also has practical and e-commerce characteristics. According to the "Survey of Valentine's Day Consumption Behavior in Western China" released by iiMedia Consulting this year, more than 80% of users said that more than 50% of consumers "spend a lot of money on love". , 39.6% of surveyed users accounted for the highest percentage with holiday gift budgets between 501 yuan and up to 1000 yuan, while 30.1% of the users interviewed said they would buy gifts online, and the number of users interviewed 56.1% said they would buy gifts both online and offline.

In addition to gift exchange, the romantic economy also covers the growing consumption situation. According to Meituan, as of the evening of February 12, the number of advance ticket reservations for February 14 scenic spots increased by 47% over the previous year. And last weekend, the number of ticket reservations containing the word 'double ticket' increased by more than 1% and 300% compared to the same period last year.

Zhou Mingqi, founder of Jingjian Think Tank, an industrial economics consulting organization. Against the backdrop of this year's consumption recovery, he told a reporter from the Securities Daily. Couple consumption market, parent-child consumption will be quite good. This type of customer group is still the group with the highest purchasing power.

Zhou Mingqi said that at present, our country's main holiday season consumption market is still the traditional two-day long holiday of "Spring Festival + National Day", which explains the flow and consumption of "Spring Festival + National Day". .The annual number of passengers is quite large, and Gao Chengyuan believes in properly promoting festival consumption. In terms of better drainage, you will have to adapt to the younger user's catalysis. Accurate water drainage with short videos, turf stands and life stands.

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