[oiibeats 2023] The queuing time for "early loan repayment" may be shortened

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From the end of 2022, 'early payment' is nothing new. Then came the debt...

From the end of 2022, 'early payment' is nothing new. Then came the debt repayment problem. In an era of low interest rates, banks and homebuyers at both ends of the mortgage levers are faced with new choices.

[oiibeats 2023] The queuing time for "early loan repayment" may be shortened

When the new year begins, most people pay their debts in advance and wait in line. Choosing to pay off early is, of course, lowering the interest rate by saying "I don't want to work at the bank anymore." This is a common answer many homebuyers give as to why they pay off their loans early. They raise money in a variety of ways: some donate their own capital, some borrow from relatives and friends, some sell gold and other precious metals to pay off their home loans, and some pay off their home loans through real estate agents. reimburse. Change your home. Business loans to reduce home loans. 

A few years later, when Zhengzhou started the first rate cut, there was a wave of home loan cuts in several cities, and according to incomplete statistics, 30 cities, including Tianjin, have now cut their basic loan minimum rates. , Xiamen and Fuzhou. In second-tier cities such as Changchun and Shenyang, the old loan ratio is higher than the new loan ratio. The internal balance of existing customers has also led residents to pay their loans in advance. Or reduce your home replacement costs by replacing your home with a lower mortgage interest rate. Debt reduction can also provide residents with a greater sense of security. There are many articles and memes on social networks sharing experiences of paying off debt and how to pay it off in a more economical way. For example, which bank is better for prepay repayment, which has a shorter waiting period, which time is better for repayment, and so on.

Today, the "pre-loan repayment curve" is becoming increasingly unstable, but banks have quietly built various "dams". Some homebuyers told reporters that early payments scheduled for the beginning of the year had to be made by April, and some banks were lining up by the end of the year. The cancellation fee charged by the bank is also a significant burden.

As well as "queues", some banks' mobile prepaid banking channels were quietly closed. This is because the system update feature is temporarily blocked or background updates are temporarily disallowed.

This circumstance caused heated debate among buyers. Early refund request channels are no longer available on some banks' APPs. The early repayment “threshold” for homebuyers has quietly increased. Some people say that there are many inconveniences due to the offline function, but if people who work elsewhere want to pay off the loan in advance, they have to go to the place where the loan bank is located. Some networks have said that they have never been so concerned about "system upgrades" and have not experienced banking "system upgrades" in a long time.

According to a recent study by Shanghai Securities News, queues for "early payment" at major banks in the Shanghai region have shortened somewhat, but still require 20 days at the earliest.

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