Title Beatbox Freestyle
Genres Rap
Country Kenya

Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics

Whats happening
Man am back on my bullshit
Am back on my bullshit bro

I go beastmode when on the mic
Y'all know am spitting this shit (Facts)
And how is you a challenge
All you do is flip the switch
I'm in the trap beatboxing
I swear it's hard to see me
You in the house tiktoking 
While dipping your hands in Arimis

A cannibal ahead of my time
I'm eating this edible whims
Not related to Iddi Amin
Though we look like identical twins
I ain't gon talk about my past
Coz I did some terrible things
Nightmare on arm street
Mfcker is ready again

It's Johns nigga, (Who?) yeah Jones nigga
School these little kings I need my throne bigger
You don't wanna fuck with me coz I'm a wrong nigga
If you say my name in Japanese,
They pronounce it Godzilla