Title Full Up
Genres Dancehall
Country Ghana

Full Up Lyrics

Long time mi tell you
Wi ah full up inna
Wi ah wi ah full up inna
Long time mi tell you 
When mi pull up inna 
When mi when mi pull up inna

True mi love de trigger 
So mi pull it pon ah negger
Africa mi fram so you can call mi Madiba
Bitch wi ah fuck can call me side nigga
Money wi ah make Jay Zee Jigga

Memba seh 1 Don see dem like ah hamper
Like ah baby mi see dem inna de pamper
Big booty tanker, gal ah mi answer
Inna ONYX D-Black gi me lap dancers
Smoke kush,wi nuh care bout cancer
Gal'em just cruize inna black elentra
From Achimota,Lapaz down to Tantra
Everybody duss ah bawl seh mi got de answer

Some people duss ah wanabees
Seh dem famous nobody know dem inna Greece
Dem nuh bad like mi walabees
De bank robber inna straight jeans ah the steeze

You know see seh now adays dem'ah roam about
Buh memba you caan dweet like 1 Don
Man ah faster than ah lambo and ah new Phantom